Games canceled all pre-orders for Blair Witch – the game will not be released there simultaneously with other platforms


It seems that the publishers do not want the horror to appear immediately without DRM protection. announced that the Blair Witch franchise game will not be available on release in their store. It is unknown when exactly it will be released there, therefore CD Projekt canceled all pre-orders and will return money to users.

The release date has already been removed from the Blair Witch page in the GOG – it just says “soon on sale”. Employees of the digital store said they would make a refund in the next couple of days, and the game will still be released “later in 2019”

The reasons in the GOG did not specify, but, most likely, the situation is due to the fact that the store only releases games without DRM. It seems that publishers do not want to immediately release a horror without anti-piracy protection.

At the same time, Blair Witch is still available on Steam and Microsoft Store – there the game, as planned, will be released on August 30.

Above the video game on the Blair Witch is the authors of Layers of Fear from the Polish studio Bloober Team. Announced it at the presentation of Microsoft during E3 2019.


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