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Died actress Russi Taylor


She was 75 years old.

Voice actress Russi Taylor passed away at the age of 75, reports TMZ .

Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Taylor passed away on June 26 at her home in Glendale, southern California.

We are so grateful to Russi’s talent, as well as to her great spirit and great joy, which she brought to everything she did. It was an honor to know her and work with her, and we will be calm knowing that her work will continue to entertain and inspire future generations.

Russi will be greatly missed, and our hearts will be directed to her family and friends along with our deepest condolences.
Bob iger CEO Disney

The circumstances of death are unclear at this time.

Russi Taylor is known for playing the roles of Minnie Mouse, the twins Sherry and Terry and Martin Prince in The Simpsons.


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