“Snake, connect to your Bethesda account”: how the Internet reacted to the release of the first parts of Doom on modern consoles

Network services where they are not needed.

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July 26, the first three parts of Doom were released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ninetndo Switch. As it turned out, you need to create a account for the game. The first two parts can be played without access to the Internet – just log in to your account only once. However, Doom 3 requires a constant connection to access “certain features and / or content”.

Doom and Doom 2 appear to require you to be signed in to Bethesda. After login, you can play offline. Doom 3 requires that you connect through your account “to access certain features and / or content.”

At the same time, there are no online components in the first and second Doom. Bethesda’s decision caused bewilderment among the players, and they began to add a message about the need to connect to screenshots and videos from different games.

Bethesda itself later explained that the requirement to connect an account was related to the Slayers Club, the official Doom fan club.

Update regarding the reissue of classic Doom. 
The need to connect a account was introduced for the Slayers Club to reward its members for playing the classic Doom parts. 
Login to the account must be completely optional, and now we are working on it.


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