Storm of Zone 51: in which games the famous military base was lit


They are clearly not enough and need more.

In early July, an enormous popularity began to gather movement dedicated to the assault on “Zone 51” – a secret American military base located in the Nevada desert. The plan, which was originally just a stupid joke from Facebook, implies the following: a huge crowd of people in the style of “Naruto” will run towards the base and take her number. If there are a lot of volunteers, the guards simply will not be able to stop everyone, and someone will be able to see the secrets of Site 51 – whether they are aliens or a secret weapon.

For some unknown reason, a huge number of people responded to the venture: the community of the event scheduled for September 20, 2019 already has more than 400 thousand people who want to flee to Zone 51. And even more people make memes about it.

However, in order to get to Zone 51, it is not necessary to run somewhere. Game developers have long been trying in their own way to unravel the secrets of the military base, inventing their own interpretations: either this is an ordinary military training ground, or an alien lair, or a place of secret research.

In honor of a sudden, but very funny event, we decided to make a selection of games where you can personally arrange a raid in Area 51 – and for this you will not even need 400 thousand people.

GTA: San Andreas

In the game from Rockstar, there is Zone 69 – an analogue of a real military base with a reference to the sex position in the title. On it, the player can get hold of a powerful shotgun and minigun, as well as some military equipment. However, when you try to get there, he will immediately receive five search stars. In addition, if he decides to fly into the base with the help of an air tool, he is immediately shot down with a rocket.

GTA: San Andreas

Of the interesting ones, only suspicious tables, on which aliens could dissect, and a red mount referring to the Half-Life game can be noted.

Deus ex

In this immersive sim pro grim cyberpunk future military base serves as a fortress for Majestic-12 – a secret group that seeks control of the world. The prototype of the group was the famous conspiracy theory of a secret society of twelve US officials who are secretly coordinating the study of UFOs.

In Deus Ex Majestic-12 – a group of people who broke away from the Illuminati community for world domination. They control the media, try to do the same with the Internet and do military research. By the way, they are responsible for the outbreak of the Gray Death virus, which is extremely important for the plot of Deus Ex.

The Majestic-12 den is guarded by soldiers of the United States Army (who are not aware of the true nature of the research inside the complex) and is well fortified: Zone 51 was even able to survive a nuclear strike directed by the main character of the game, JC Denton.

Deus ex

In Deus Ex, Zone 51 is a multi-level location consisting of a landfill with a bunch of warehouses and a bunker of four sectors with different access levels. Research on nanotechnologies, augmentations, cloning of people and biological weapons is carried out within its walls.

Area 51

It is impossible not to recall the shooter of the same name dedicated to this cult American base. In the plot of the game, an unknown virus affects all the personnel of Site 51, which is why they turn into mutants. A detachment of soldiers is sent to clean up the area, one of whom is the protagonist, voiced by David Duchovny, the star of the X-Files series.

By the way, he is not the only celebrity who participated in the development of the game – Marilyn Manson himself is in the caste of voice actors.

And such caste of actors here is no accident: in the game, literally everything that was at least somehow connected with the subject of conspiracy theories was mixed. The aliens, the virus, the military – which is only worth the opportunity to uncover the mystery of the flight of Americans to the moon.

By the way, Area 51 is a remake of the 1995 rail shooter of the same name. Unfortunately, both games came out somewhat mediocre and received restrained ratings. And if the original could still find its audience on the arcade machines, then its remake didn’t have anything at all – there were far better alternatives on consoles and PCs.

Area 51, 1995

However, all this didn’t stop another single game of the series – BlackSite: Area 51. The sequel remake turned out to be even more controversial: if Area 51 could at least amuse some gameplay ideas and absurd conspiracy theories, then BlackSite hit into inappropriate seriousness. And this was aggravated by annoying tactical elements, which, as a result, only dragged out a rather short corridor shooter.


About Zone 51 in the Fallout series you can find only small mentions. You can learn about the secret base during the Easter eggs event with a flying saucer that can be found in the desert. When studying a UFO, a character will notice the inscription: “Property of Zone 51. Return on detection.”


The secret base was planned as a location in Fallout 2, but did not get into the final version. By the way, the original 3D-head of the character Lynette, the leader of the Vault City, was created for the storyline in Zone 51 – perhaps this heroine should have become one of the scientists of the secret complex.

Duke nukem 3d

In the 3D Realms shooter, Zone 51 is a secret level that can be found in a version of the game called Atomic Edition.

In fact, this is the most usual level – a couple of dozen enemies, multi-level locations and seven secret places. Of noteworthy – Easter eggs, referring to ET Spielberg and the film “Independence Day”.

World of warcraft

In Outland, and more specifically in Netherstorm, there is Zone 52 – the base of goblin engineers. It is no different from other goblin settlements (for example, the Gadget), except for a huge rocket, on which green-skinned researchers want to conquer the mysterious Void.

Zone 52 is a location neutral to both factions, where you can replenish supplies and complete a couple of tasks for goblins for the sake of gold and experience. It also produces explosives that heroes use against the Burning Legion and the Draenor Orcs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

In one of the parts of the famous series of shooters, Zone 51 is used as a multiplayer map and the first part of the Moon level for a zombie mode. Unlike other maps, weapons are not sold in Zone 51 – this is done so that players leave it as soon as possible and immediately move to the moon through a special teleport.

Zone 51 is found not only in Black Ops, but also in Black Ops 3 – still as a location for the zombie mode.

SimCity 4

In the fourth part of the town-planning simulator, Zone 5.1 can be built – a special building, whose name refers to the famous military base. It gives a small monthly income, and also allows you to fly military aircraft and flying saucers.

SimCity 4

Destroy All Humans!

How could one of the main alien games be without Zone 51? In Destroy All Humans! One of the locations where you need to collect the necessary DNA samples for the plot was Zone 42, which parodies the well-known military base.

Destroy All Humans!

The name is not just changed: 42 – is a reference to the series of novels “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. In the books it was the answer to the great question about the meaning of life.

Tomb raider 3

In Tomb Raider 3, the well-known secret base acts only as a normal location. In the story, Lara should steal from Site 51 Element 115 – one of four artifacts that flew to Earth along with a meteorite.

Tomb rider 3

Zone 51 in Tomb Raider is not particularly remarkable: it is the most usual secret base of the fantasies of conspiracy theories. Secret designs, dark tunnels and a pile of weapons – decorations, no more.

Metal gear solid

MGS plot is largely based on ideas about a global conspiracy, government wars and stories about secret agents. It is not surprising that there was a place for Site 51. True, it does not appear in the game anywhere except in the story or audiology, but it does it with enviable regularity: you can hear about Dreamland in Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

So, Ryden, one of the characters in the series, was captured and turned into a cyborg precisely in Zone 51, from where he tried to save Sunny, a computer genius and the adopted daughter of Otacon. Also, the Patriot Society, a secret group in the manner of masons, stored in Body 51 the body of Big Boss, who was in a coma.

Zone 51 plays a huge role in world culture. She often appears in movies, cartoons and video games. And this is not surprising – everyone is interested to find out what secrets may be hiding at a military facility, which, according to rumors, was erected at the site of the fall of the UFO.

What iterations of Zone 51 in games do you know? Share your findings in the comments.


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