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“Like you, die out”: the first trailer for the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” with Tom Cruise


The film will be released on July 16, 2020.

In the Russian localization of the film is called “Top Gan: Maverick. That is, simply did not translate the original.

The debut trailer for the continuation of the cult action movie of 1986 was presented by Cruz himself, appearing at the Comic-Con 2019 festival in San Diego without an announcement.

In the video of the protagonist, the pilot, nicknamed Maverick, the commander reprimands, wondering how he “refuses to die” and would have long served to the admiral, if not for his behavior.

According to Tom Cruise, the picture is taken with the support of experts from the US Air Force and Navy, and “everything you see on the screen is real.”

In addition to Cruise, John Hamm (The Mad Men), Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream), Val Kilmer (Fight) and Ed Harris (The World of the Wild West) will appear in the sequel to the “best shooter”. Miles Teller, known for the film “Obsession”, will play the son of Nick Bradshaw, a pilot named Gus from the first film.


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