In Overwatch introduced a search for roles and system 2-2-2


This will change almost all aspects of matchmaking.

In the new version of Overwatch, before the start of matches in the “Quick game” or “Competitive game” modes, the user will be asked to immediately select their upcoming role – “tank”, “damage” or “support”.

After searching for the game and downloading the map, the role can no longer be changed – you only have to choose from those characters that relate to it.

Previously, in the “Quick Game” and “Competitive Game” modes, players had to select their heroes in just 40 seconds and make a lot of important decisions. However, each has its own style of play and preferences, and therefore such haste often led to an increase in tension, spoiled the mood, and even became the cause of hostility towards teammates.

We want to avoid all this, so we add the “Role Play” function, which will make the games more honest and enjoyable, and let the players fulfill the role they want.

from blizzard statement

In this way, developers can keep the 2-2-2 ratio everywhere, including the “League Overwatch”. In this case, MMR / SR (rating of selection of opponents and rating of skill) will be calculated for each role separately – for calibration, each will require only 5 matches, for which the player will then be given a special spray and profile icon.

If there are obviously not enough users of any role for the normal organization of matches, Blizzard will push players to its choice with the help of additional awards.

In connection with the introduction of this system, developers will make changes in the balance of heroes – for example, Brigitte will be made more characteristic of support, increasing the effectiveness of healing and lowering the survival rate.

At the same time, the old search system will still be available in the new arcade mode.

The 17th competitive season will end on August 13, and the beta season with the new system will begin on September 1.

Judging by the first reactions, players believe that the new approach to the game will reduce toxicity, but at the same time will deprive many teams of “unusual setups” – including those that play in the League without 2-2-2.

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