Sky: Children of the Light from Journey and Flower authors released on iOS


The game is free in the App Store.

In Sky, players will be in the role of children of the world to return the missing stars from the sky. To do this, they will need to fly between the heavenly islands, communicate with spirits and solve simple puzzles, interacting with other users.

The game develops the ideas of Journey, while being more accessible to a wide audience – the storyline here is much more explicit, and the gameplay is simpler.

The idea of ​​an unusual cooperative from the previous game of the studio was also continued – eight players can communicate with each other with gestures, sing songs and solve joint puzzles.

The authors claim that in-game purchases are not at all mandatory – the main content is available for free, and paid items are aesthetic in nature.

It is also known that the authors plan to support the game with new content – to arrange events and add new locations.

Release date versions for Android, PC and consoles is still unknown.


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