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“I am not my work”: Robert Downey Jr. spoke for the first time about his life after the “Final”


Warning In the text there are spoilers of the fourth “Avengers”.

After the release of “The Final”, perhaps the last Marvel film with Robert Downey Jr., the actor has hardly spoken about his future without this franchise.

However, in an interview for the Off Camera show with lead Sam Jones, the singer Tony Stark finally broke the silence.

According to the actor, parting with Marvel for him is not some sudden new stage in life, he was ready for this transition a long time ago.

Nobody forced me to immediately look for a new frontier for my creative and personal life after [completing work with Marvel].

It is always better to be prepared in advance for what awaits you. If you focus your attention on the fact that in the spring of 2019 a sharp turn awaits you, and you think that you need to be physically ready for it …

Most often, people break in exactly such transitional stages.

Robert Downey

In the near future, Downey is not going to leave the screens. On the contrary, he first released “The Journey of Dr. Dolittle”, which could be a start for the franchise (although the film had large-scale shootings that are alarming), and then the third “Sherlock Holmes” .

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, the actor now hardly needs to worry about money – for only one role in the “War of Infinity” he received about $ 75 million.

Downey himself believes that people tend to look for stability in life, which was Marvel for him, and perhaps he will never be so close to the status of a rich man who can solve any problems with money.

Many viewers believe that over time, Downey became like Tony Stark, and he partly agrees with this.

I took part in the creation of Tony Stark and the Marvel universe … sometimes I put a career above my personal life, sometimes I lost my balance … I was creative and included in all these deals … well, there were times in my career when the owner became too much like your pet.

Robert Downey

However, now the actor is trying to keep “aesthetic distance” from his character.

I am not my job. I am not what I did with this studio. I am not the time when I played this character.

And it sucks a little, because the child inside us always says, “No. May there always be that summer camp where we hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

”Robert Downey

The writers of the “Final” noted that Downey did not immediately accept the ending of his character’s story, however, apparently, he now likes it.

Tony Stark’s first costume was created to protect him. To take me, my valuable ego and my invaluable physical embodiment and get them out of the cave. To pull me into the wilderness and pass on the cavalry, which will take me back to my stupid life.

The latter costume was not conceived so that its owner did the job and stay alive. This is the great mythology of this character in the spirit of that studied by Joseph Campbell .

It all started with selfishness and the desire to preserve themselves, and ended with an ultimatum of self-sacrifice.

Robert Downey

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