Apex Legends is practically unplayable in high ranks due to cheaters.


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With the release of the first rating season in the popular online shooter Apex Legends less than 2 weeks. But all social services and the media are already full of messages about meeting cheaters that spoil the game to honest players. Particularly vividly, the problem is visible in high ranks – the pool of players there is smaller, and very often you come across the same opponents.

Moreover, it is easier to calculate the violators of order in Apex than anywhere else. All because of the strange combination of a rather low quality network code and very good ballistics, which takes into account the distance to the target. You will not be able to push the entire shop without a miss into a moving target from, for example, the G7 Scout semi-automatic rifle, even if you are the best player on the planet.

Indicative moment from 1:25

Reddit users have already offered some simple solutions to problems with cheaters, such as the introduction of mandatory phone number authentication, or a ban on rating matches until the maximum (100) level is reached.

The other day, an official statement was made by the creators of the game – Respawn Entertainment. The developers are aware of the influx of cheaters and told the community about how they confront dishonest players:

  • machine learning is used to create behavioral models for detection and automatic bans.
  • Require mandatory two-factor authentication in some regions for suspicious accounts.
  • work continues on adapting to new cheats.
  • matchmaking, which creates a separate queue for cheaters and spammers.
  • Respawn explores how people play together. Even if you do not use cheats, but play in the same group with the cheater, you are also a cheater.
  • increase in resources, whether people or technology.

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