Ubisoft will fight with missions for fast leveling in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey quest editor


“We want to encourage creativity and promote quality quests.”

The developers of Odyssey released an official statement on the forum about the missions for pharma, which users began to create after the release of the editor of Story Creator Mode.

In Ubisoft stated that due to the great popularity of simple tasks, for which they give a lot of experience points, they are forced to change the rules for using the Story Creator. Those who continue to create quests, exploits, will be punished, and such missions will no longer appear in the recommendations and sections “Hall of Fame” and “Popular.”

According to the developers, the editor was intended for other purposes, and the missions for pharma can negatively affect the gaming experience.

Such exploits compromise the quality, integrity and the whole point of the existence of Story Creator Mode. Because of them, fewer people pay attention to unusual, interesting and well-made user stories.

We want to encourage creativity and promote quality quests.

from Ubisoft statement

The fact that the players began to massively create simple tasks for fast pumping, drew attention in late June. Before the official commentary from Ubisoft, there were no farm-mission bans in the Story Creator Guide.

With the help of the quest editor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players began to create missions for easy pumping 


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