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Study: three-quarters of the players want to see in a service like Stadia a Netflix format subscription


And only 20% will prefer to buy titles separately.

The research firm Broadband Genie took 3142 players from the UK. When asked what distribution model they wanted to see in streaming services like Stadia, 74% said they would prefer a Netflix-format subscription – with access to a large library of titles.

Only 20% answered that they would like to buy specific games separately, and another 5% would prefer to rent titles for a time.

In addition, 86% of respondents expect that purchasing access to games in cloud services will be cheaper than purchasing a digital or physical copy in the usual way.

In addition, research participants were asked what might be the reason for them to abandon the use of cloud services.

The most frequent answer was the opinion that the image quality will be worse than when you start the game directly from the device.

The second most popular reason was the desire of players to acquire a material product. Many also believe that streaming is not suitable for games of interest.

Google Stadia will not work by analogy with Netflix – a subscription to the service will give players 4K 60FPS HDR, 5.1 sound and only some games for free, but access to new ones will still have to be bought separately.

There will be a free subscription to Stadia – using it, players will have to buy access to all titles separately.

In addition , subscriptions to the games of individual publishers may also appear in Stadia – they will not be included in the basic plan of Stadia Pro.

Stadia will be launched in November, starting with 14 countries – Russia is not among them.

Google: Games will be available at Stadia, even if publishers leave the platform. 

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