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Nielsen: at the start the third season of “Very strange cases” drew 21% more viewers than the second


In particular, because of the release during the holidays in the United States.

According to the analyst firm Nielsen, the average minute audience of episodes of the third season of “Very strange cases” for the first four days amounted to 12.8 million viewers. This is 21% more than the figure for the second season for the same period in October 2017 – 10.6 million.

In just four days from the release, the first episode of the season attracted 19.1 million viewers, while the first episode of the second season had 17.7 million.

The marks of 10 million viewers reached six of the eight episodes, and at the same time the penultimate series was the least watched, not the last. This indicates that some of the users did not have enough patience and they immediately switched to the final.

The number of viewers in the episodes for four days

  1. Suzie, do you copy? – 19.1 million viewers
  2. The Mall Rats – 17.6 million
  3. The Case of the Missing Lifeguard – 15.9 million
  4. The Sauna Test – 13.9 million
  5. The Flayed – 12 million
  6. E Pluribus Unum – 10.7 million
  7. The Bite – 7.3 million
  8. The Battle of Starcourt – 8.7 million

824 thousand people watched the whole season at once on the first day. This is more than 361 thousand in the second season, but he did not go on a holiday.

Earlier, Netflix said that the third season of “Very Strange Affairs” set a record of an online cinema – it was watched from 40.7 million accounts.

Only profiles from which an episode or movie was viewed at least 70% fall into the statistics of views from Netflix.

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