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Hasbro dropped plans to direct a sequel to “Mighty reydzherov” 2017 the year


Instead, the company seems to want to do another restart.

Dacre Montgomery, known for “Very Strange Cases” and playing one of the main roles in the “Mighty Raiders” of 2017, told Reddit that Hasbro is working on a new film in the universe, but he, like the rest of the restart actors, won’t be there.

They work on the film, but not with me and the cast. So yes, he will, but not with us.

Dacre Mont gomery


Thus, the film from Hasbro is likely to become another re-launch and will not take into account the plot of the 2017 film.

Dacre Montgomery – in the center 

It is possible that the main reason for such a decision is not so much in mixed reviews and the box office failure of the film (at the box office he collected $ 142 million in a budget of $ 100 million), but in that the restart came out when Saban owned the franchise.

Hasbro bought the rights only in May of 2018 and now probably wants to start from scratch and make “Mighty Ragers” based on his own ideas, although initially the head of the company was still talking about the sequel.

With which studio Hasbro will work on his film, it is still unknown how and when to wait for it.


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