Switch Lite will be the only update of the line in 2019, and the “Joycons” of the original will not be changed yet

Nintendo sees the new console, including as the second Switch in the house.

In a conversation with the CNET portal , Nintendo America President Doug Bowser confirmed that the company has no plans to release another version of the Switch by Christmas 2019, which means that in the near future the players will not see an improved version of the console.

Moreover, according to Bowser, Nintendo has no plans to update the current version of the Joycons of the basic Switch – so only the owners of the purely portable version will receive a more convenient cross.

Speaking with reporters, Bowser noted that the company sees Lite, including as the second or third Nintendo console in the family, where the usual Switch with a TV connection will be used as the “older” console. Nintendo is also working to enable players to transfer saves between devices — so Lite can be a compact road option for someone.

Apparently, the authors of CNET were given to hold the device in their hands. They note that the device seems more reliable because of the whole body, and the matte plastic turned out to be pleasant to the touch. The screen due to the smaller size became clearer, but at the same time in some games with it it is more difficult to read small text. By itself, the console did not reach the status of “pocket”, although it is quite possible to put it in a large jacket pocket.

Nintendo clarified that in some cases, Lite will run 20-30% longer than the older console – thanks to a new processor, which also reduced the amount of heat generated.

In Russia, Lite will cost 16,499 rubles. Pre-orders for it will open in the near future.

Nintendo has announced Switch Lite

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