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Shaun Murray: Nearly 80% of No Man’s Sky’s criticism comes from players who have never played it.

According to the head of Hello Games, most of the negative comments are not related to the problems of the gameplay of the game.

As Shaun Murray told at the Develop conference in Brighton, his Hello Games studio found out that the overwhelming number of people who discuss No Man’s Sky do not own the game or have never launched it.

Murray claims that about 70-80% of comments to the space simulator are written by people who have never played No Man’s Sky. The developer stressed that most of the critical reviews do not concern the problems of gameplay, but issues that Hello Games does not deal with.

Most of the negative comments addressed to No Man’s Sky do not at all relate to issues that we, the developers, should solve. Criticizes usually problems associated with pre-orders, price and everything else – but not with the game.

This happens with every game that has an ambiguous start. A broad discussion of issues that developers can not solve.

Sean murray

Hello Games Head

The head of the Hello Games studio also stressed that after superficial criticism, truly useful feedback is sure to come from those users who deeply explore the game and discover gameplay problems.

After all this criticism, you finally begin to receive comments from those people who have played your game and know it well – and this is one of the most important groups of the audience. Players who simply point out gameplay flaws and say, “I don’t like your inventory system.”

As soon as you get such reviews, you understand: “I can fix this problem. Seriously, I’ll eliminate it tomorrow. ” After that, we speak the same language with the players – because they and we spent hundreds of hours in the game.

Sean murray Hello Games Head

In the framework of the Develop conference, Sean Murray also spoke about his own experiences after the unsuccessful launch of No Man’s Sky and advised developers in a similar situation – including around Anthem, Fallout 76 and Sea of ​​Thieves – “to do, not to speak.”

Sean Murray advised Anthem and Fallout 76 developers to “do, not talk” 

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