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Media: Jordanian authorities banned PUBG in the country and are preparing to block Fortnite

Together with the “royal battles” in the Middle Eastern state are going to ban five more unnamed games.

The Jordanian Telecommunications Commission blocked PUBG on July 6, and in the evening of July 9, in an interview with Roya News, a representative of the Ministry said that it was planned to block six more games in the country, including Fortnite.

As a reason for the prohibition of PUBG, the authorities of Jordan called the residents’ complaints about the dangerous influence that the game has had. The officials also referred to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), which allegedly confirmed that PUBG causes addiction in children and leads to isolation from society.

WHO representatives did not comment on the statements of the Jordanian authorities about the negative impact of PUBG. Previously, the “royal battle” was temporarily banned in Nepal and India, as well as blocked in Iraq – along with Fortnite.


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