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Sean Murray advised Anthem and Fallout 76 developers to “do, not talk”


The author of No Man’s Sky in this situation is definitely more visible.

During a speech at the Develop conference in the British Brighton, the head of the Hello Games studio told how developers coped with criticism after the unsuccessful launch of their space simulator.

Murray said that he was going to write an extensive appeal to the players many times, but eventually decided to focus on his work. It turned out that it was the best way out in this situation.

For two years we didn’t talk to reporters at all. And for about three months, not a word was said to the community.

It was hard. I do not remember how many times I sat down at the computer and wrote the very ideal blog post. In which he would explain everything about the development of the game, would tell about the content plan for the future.

But every time I understood that this would not have caused any trust.

Sean murray

Hello Games Head

According to him, other developers should do the same if users find themselves dissatisfied with the game after release – fewer words, more work.

In his speech, Murray explicitly mentioned the situation with Anthem , Fallout 76 and Sea of ​​Thieves and assured that it would not be possible for the players to “chatter” players, no matter how hard the authors tried.

Over the past couple of years, several games have appeared at once, which turned out to be in a very controversial situation at the start. When your game has a huge number of users and the same number of problems, you get an explosive mixture.


I saw how EA, Microsoft or Bethesda tried to reassure players with words, but this did not work, and for a variety of reasons. There are many examples when a large publisher starts to communicate with the community and tries to solve a problem, but only complicates the situation. And it has to spend more and more energy. […]

You will not regain confidence in yourself and will not interest people if you start talking about the features of the game after the release. Your actions are more important than your words.

Sean murray

Hello Games Head

Although the players harshly criticized No Man’s Sky after the release, Hello Games gradually regained their confidence by releasing a major free update. For example, Next, released in 2018, added a full-fledged multiplayer game.

The next such update called Beyond promises to be released in the summer of 2019. Among other things, it will appear VR-mode.

Like a glove: journalists’ impressions about VR mode in No Man’s Sky 


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