Bathtub water from hot stuff for 30 bucks. Blizzard and Microsoft against!


Belle Delphine , a well-known 19-year-old nymphet, is a popular cosplayer, video-blogger, and exciting tilt, sells water from her bath, violating the rights of Blizzard and Microsoft . Prior to that, they knew her from a photo session with a dead octopus, and now she is promoting the water she has gained after bathing.

One jar of exciting water goes for $ 30, and Belle Delphine fans complain that there is not enough water for everyone. They are poor, they overpay to the hucksters, and in general, they have a passion for the stimulating fluid.

But the essence of the whole scandal is that the lids of the jars with life-giving moisture are decorated with the Xbox 360 controller image with the Xbox logo, and the promo of “living water” is served with the Diva logo (D.Va) – the famous character from Overwatch .

Well, accordingly, the explicit reference to Overwatch , did not please the creators of D.Va. Considering that Blizzard has been fighting for a long time and eagerly against the erotization of its game, the scandal may flare up seriously. Plus, the Belle Delphine commercial theme doesn’t fit in with Blizzard ‘s Overwatch franchise business strategy . Let’s see what it all will pour out.


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