Tagging system and customizable matchmaking: Gearbox on accessibility and social features in Borderlands 3


Do not forget the developers and about streamers.

On the Borderlands 3 website, game developers from Gearbox, following the results of the Guardian Con event, told what new social features and settings options are waiting for players. Some of these features have already been mentioned before, but many have become known only now.

  • The game allows you to reconfigure the assignment of buttons on the controller, and also supports the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • You can customize the size of the subtitles and even transparency.
  • In the settings you can turn on the mode for color blindness, as well as completely remove the swaying of the camera while running.
  • Players will be able to coordinate actions and give each other hints with the help of a contextual tagging system.
  • The player can see in the store as part of his campaign those items that his friends have sold in their passage, as well as send them loot, even if they are not currently online.
  • The function of asynchronous multiplayer allows you to play and at the same time keep matchmaking for your squad.
  • Matchmaking can also be configured in such a way that the system is looking for people with the same progress in the campaign or the same chosen game mode – what exactly is being said is not clear.
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  • Units will be able to arrange not only duels 1 on 1, but also a general fight 1v1v1v1, where only the strongest will survive.
  • The Twitch extension, which allows streamers to play the rare loot they’ve found between them, has been updated and is now supported on mobile platforms.
  • Among the new features of the expansion for Twitch is the Moxxi’s Mixer event – it allows viewers to use Twitch Bits to vote for the ingredients for the drink, which will eventually be given to the streamer character, and depending on the mix, the hero will receive a buff or debuff.
  • Another event from the Twitch extension is Badass Viewer, with which viewers can call a particularly strong adversary with their name onto the streamer card and influence its behavior, raising its level or restoring health.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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