In Showdown mode for Rainbow Six Siege found DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future”

The car is hidden in the mine.

The car was found behind a wall in an underground passage – the passage to it was boarded up by boards, on one of which the letters “NJT” were scratched.

The car is covered with an old blanket, but DeLorean is guessed by its silhouette. You can’t get close to it – just look through the gap in the wall.

This is a reference to the third, final part of “Back to the Future”, where the heroes fell in 1885 and ended up in the Wild West. The Showdown event map in the game is made in the style of that era.

Shot from the movie “Back to the Future 3”

Players found on the map several other Easter eggs. For example, the grave of a certain M. Streicher with the caption: “He was too little worried about grenades.” Marius Streicher is the real name of the operative with the call sign Jäger.

The mode will be available in the Rainbow Six Siege until July 16.

Rainbow Six Siege hosts Wild West theme


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