New Zealand photographer examines rare consoles to show them “in layers”


Photographer Richard Perry (he is an electrician by profession) in mid-April launched a series of shots in his instagram called “Assembly Required”.

He publishes photos of various devices “by layers” – so that they can see every detail.

At first, Perry’s subscribers suggested that he creates his works using 3D-graphics, but the reality turned out to be more prosaic.

Perry buys rare technology inoperative, and then disassembles it and lays out the parts on plexiglass sheets, smearing them with glue.

After shooting, the photographer carefully removes from the pictures all traces of glue or glare, which gives the glass. The result is a feeling that the parts are floating in the air.

According to the author, he uses broken devices, since the workers usually stand a fortune and would hardly survive the disassembly.

Perry does not hide the fact that he prefers to work mainly with old attachments, because the new ones are more like boring black boxes. The photographer loves the Nintendo device most of all – in his opinion, the company risked the most in terms of design.

In Instagram, Perry has not only consoles, but also cameras that have been disassembled in the same way.

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Some Assembly Required – Prints Available

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