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The creators of Shenmue III still return the money to players with Kickstarter, demanding a refund due to the transition of the game in EGS


Although initially they said they would not.

Studio Ys Net said that after discussion with Epic Games and Deep Silver, it decided to approve the refund for Shenmue III to those players who supported the development on Kickstarter, but were unhappy with the choice of EGS as a platform on the PC. The opportunity to receive money back will appear in the near future – when exactly it is not specified.

According to the blog entry, all those who supported the project will also soon be able to complete a survey and choose which version for the PC they want to receive: digital or physical. There will be no game on the disc itself – only the Epic Games launcher installer and the code for the EGS store.

If desired, Kickstarter users will be able to select the option of obtaining a key for Steam in the survey, but it will only be available a year after the game is released in the Epic Games store.

About the transition of Shenmue III to EGS it became known at E3 2019 – before that, Steam was listed on the PC as a platform. Initially, Ys Net only apologized , saying that they would not return the money. However, later, together with Epic Games, the studio promised to justify the players’ trust.


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