The exclusivity of the only exclusive from the Stadia presentation was in doubt.


The developers of Gylt, who also created RiME, are not ready to confirm that the upcoming game will be released only in Google.

Eurogamer turned to developers from Tequila Works, who created RiME and are engaged in Gylt, to confirm the claimed exclusivity of the latest for Google Stadia.

However, co-founder and head of the Spanish studio Raul Rubio Munariz said that he could not answer the question whether the upcoming game will be full or temporary exclusive – or will be multiplatform.

This is contrary to the announcement of Gylt on the stream Stadia, during which the adventure game was called the exclusive platform of Google – the only one at the time of writing the note.

Gylt Preview Trailer

When asked if Tequila Works studio fans could test a future game only if they acquired Stadia in the Founder’s Kit package for $ 129, Raul Rubio Munariz said that it’s better to ask Google.

The head of the Spanish team also stressed that Tequila Works will try to make Gylt accessible to all players.

Of course, we will try to make Gylt accessible to all. The solution of this question depends not on game design, but on business negotiations. Today we are not ready to answer it unequivocally, but be sure everyone can play Gylt.

Raul Rubio Munariz Head of Tequila Works

Gylt will talk about a girl lost in the strange city of Bezelwood, in which she will have to face her main fears. The duration of the game, according to Tequila Works, will exceed that of RiME.

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