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User Reddit hacked the DeepNude application, which “strips” women in the photo, and published a “crack” on the web .

Shortly after the launch of the project, the creators of the neural network announced its closure.

Reddit user published a “crack” for the premium version of DeepNude. It took him four hours to bypass the defense .

The creator of the circumvention system noted that the paid version of DeepNude saves the user’s email address in the photo metadata in order to probably track those who “undress” the girls in the photo.

The developer of the “crack” believes that the program does not constitute a complex engineering task, and many specialists will be able to create such a neural network.

In the pro-version of DeepNude on the edited photo does not appear watermarks and the inscription “Fake”. Also hacked version allows you to download the image on the PC.

On June 27th, DeepNude developers announced the closure of the project. Initially, they created the program only for entertainment, but after the news about the neural network began to spread rapidly, and demand grew by several times, the authors decided that they did not want to earn in this way. They were embarrassed by the ethical side of the issue.

The authors of the algorithm DeepNude, “stripping” of women, announced the closure of the project


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