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The authors of the algorithm DeepNude, “stripping” of women, announced the closure of the project


Developers, still maintaining anonymity, reported that the project is closed due to the burden that the service simply could not cope with.

They will no longer sell paid versions, and also prohibit the use, distribution or licensing of the algorithm.

Here is a summary of the DeepNude story and its final. We created this project to entertain users a few months ago. We thought that we would have several sales per month and we could control the process. Honestly, the application is not so good, it only works with a certain type of photo. We did not think that it would become viral, and we would lose control over traffic. We greatly underestimated the demand.

Despite the security measures taken (watermarks), if 500,000 people use an algorithm, the chances of harming it will become too high. We do not want to make money on it. Of course, DeepNude copies will go online, but we don’t want to sell them ourselves. Downloading our software from other resources or posting it on the network will violate the rules for using our website. From this point on, DeepNude will not be updated, and we prohibit someone else from using the algorithm. Even those who bought the Premium version. People will be able to return the money spent back.

The world is not ready for DeepNude yet.

authors DeepNude

The algorithm gained viral popularity after the publication of the Vice publication. In a conversation with journalists, the head of the project said that he wanted to recoup money for the development of the algorithm after participating in several unsuccessful startups.

Other interlocutors of the publication expressed concern that DeepNude could be used as a weapon for “pornomvesti”. In addition, like DeepFake, the algorithm is legally in the “gray zone” – since this is not about a real naked body, but about its imitation.

DeepNude can be downloaded as an application for Windows and Linux. His distribution will probably be distributed over the network. The program had three versions – free (with white circles and a watermark), for $ 50 (with the “FAKE” watermark) and for $ 100 (a photo without a watermark).

An anonymous programmer has created an algorithm that “strips” women in the photo


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