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Creator of Limbo and Inside: “I like to think that my work will help make humanity better”


Dino Patti – about the upcoming Somerville and the fear of being lost among other releases.

According to the co-founder of the studio Playdead, he is not too fond of the concept of the genre in video games. He believes that Somerville, his first project after leaving the company, will also be cramped in some kind of strict framework like “2D-platformer”.

Work on the project began in 2017, a year after Patti left Playdead. Although not much is known about the game itself, the head of the Jumpship studio stated that everything is going according to plan and it looks “wonderful.” The developer stressed that he intends to create something that would not fit into the framework of the traditional classification.

For me, games are first of all an emotional response to a story that you control yourself. The genre to which the game is ranked should not determine it entirely.

The game does not have to be a “two-dimensional side-scroller” from start to finish. There are many other ways to convey to someone the right emotions.

Dino Pattiex-head of Playdead,

co-founder of the studio Jumpship

Teaser somerville

For Patti, video games are a form of art that can greatly influence people. And the creator of Limbo and Inside hopes that his work helps others in some way.

I try to always stick to certain main ideas when I make games. I like to think that my work will help make humanity better, at least somehow.

Let the game can not save lives, but giving people different emotions and experiences is great. And I want it to be felt in everything that I do.


What we did at the Playdead really touched people. Many have sent us thankful emails. We helped these people.

The same goes for our new game. I constantly think that these works will spread around the world and change people’s lives for the better.

Dino Pattiex-head of Playdead, co-founder of the studio Jumpship

Although the head of the Jumpship does not doubt the quality of Somerville, he is only afraid that it will pass unnoticed. According to him, the competition in the industry at the moment is too great – and now developers are looking for support in promoting the game.

We have already concluded how good deals with large companies. We would like to talk about the game after the release.

There are so many games coming out now, and many of them are really good. So it is very important not to get lost on the general background.

Dino Pattiex-head of Playdead, co-founder of the studio Jumpship

When will the release of Somerville, is still unknown. In addition to Dino Patti, animator Chris Olsen is working on the game, who participated in the creation of Iron Man 2 and Avengers 2.

The Chinese company NetEase has acquired a stake in the studio co-founder of Playdead 


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