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Twitch launched a beta test broadcasts for subscribers


They will be able to conduct companions or partners of the streaming service, who did not break the rules for 90 days.

Broadcasts of this type are available to all viewers who have subscribed to the appropriate channel at any level of subscription – including Twitch Prime. Viewers without a subscription will be able to see a preview of the broadcast for subscribers.

Broadcast subscribers can only partners or partners of Twitch, who did not break the rules for 90 days. When a warning is received, streamers will lose the opportunity to broadcast for subscribers – access will be returned in 90 days in the absence of other violations.

Broadcasts to subscribers will be marked with the same tag, which can not be deleted. It will also be placed first if there are multiple tags. In addition, broadcasts for subscribers will be marked with an asterisk.

Records of such broadcasts will be available to all subscribers of the channel, and clips created during the streams can be used without restrictions.

The beta test of broadcasts for subscribers is already available to streamers that meet the specified requirements.


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