Sega announced SolSeraph – a fantasy game from the authors of Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash


The ideological heir to the ActRaiser series, which combines elements of strategy and platform, will be released on July 10.

According to the story SolSeraph, the demigod Helios, the knight of Dawn, decides to help people in confrontation with the Younger gods who are trying to destroy humanity.

The development of the game is engaged in the Chilean studio Ace Team, known for Rock of Ages, Zeno Clash, The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Abyss Odyssey. The soundtrack was written by Yuzo Kosiro, the author of the music for the Streets of Rage series, and Jonas Kiraces, one of The Talos Principle screenwriters, worked on the story in SolSeraph.

SolSeraph contains elements of strategy and an action-platform game – players will be able to equip human settlements and build buildings like barracks and archery towers, as well as directly control Helios in battles with monsters.

SolSeraph will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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