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“Soon”: Aaron Paul and Brian Cranston published the same teaser on social networks

The picture shows two donkeys.

It is not yet clear what the actors are hinting at – whether they are joking, or show the location of the shooting, or tease long-awaited reunion.

Both actors can appear in the upcoming film Breaking Bad (but then Walter can be shown in flashbacks) and in the series Better Call Saul, which is gradually approaching the time of action to the original show.

As for the full-length film about the fate of Jesse, the actor Aaron Paul continues to deny her existence, although there were many indirect signs of preparation for the shooting’

The media believe that the film can go to Netflix without a long advertising campaign – the show has been especially popular in online cinema in recent years.

Meanwhile, the fifth season, “Better Call Saul,” will be released no earlier than 2020 due to a conflict between the schedules of the actors. Earlier, the performer of the role of Gus Fring, Giancarlo Esposito, said that the spin-off will end in the sixth season.


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