The creators of The Last Night are faced with “serious legal and financial problems”


Because of this, they had to cancel the display of the game at The Game Awards 2018.

Tim Soret, game director of The Last Night, told about the difficulties in his twitter . According to him, in 2018, Odd Tales studio doubled the number of employees, found an office in central London, significantly increased the game budget, prepared the necessary code architecture, and developed new methods for displaying the hybrid pixel 3D graphics.

However, at the end of 2018, the studio was faced with “serious business, legal and financial problems,” Soret did not go into details. The developer only confirmed that as a result of all this, the team had to cancel the trailer show on the TGA in December.

Odd Tales Office

As Tim Soret noted, problems arose a few months ago, and now Odd Tales is looking for new sources of funding. He also assured that The Last Night is not canceled, although the risk exists.

Against the background of this news, some of Twitter users recalled Soret’s long-standing conflict with activists after he expressed his dissatisfaction with feminism in 2014.

I am against feminism, because it is increasingly turning the wrong way. I am for egalitarianism – I do not care, man, girl, alien.

Then the activists felt that The Last Night somehow reflects the views of Soret and called on the players to boycott the indie adventure.

Later, in 2017, the developer apologized for his remarks in the past and explained that he supports the very goal of feminism.

It’s time to discuss this. Everything is fine, let’s talk, because it is important. I fully support equality and inclusiveness.

The Last Night is by no means a game about combating feminism or any other form of equality. In recent years, much has changed in me.

The fictional game setting challenges the techno-social progress as a whole, but definitely does not promote regressive ideas.

Despite this, Tim Soret is still being criticized by some players, and news of the difficulties Odd Tales faced provoked another “wave”.

What a pity that the disgusting developers stumbled upon problems during the development of a game about a conservative cyberpunk. Maybe Soreta should ask for money from the alt-right friends, about whom he allegedly pulled away?

Seeing this game on E3 2017 was something special, and then for an hour everyone found disgusting tweets on Tim Soret’s page, which he, because of his stupidity, did not delete before being caught by the hand. I guess it cost him a deal with the publisher.

So now he is definitely outside of the legitimate gaming press, since he is obviously connected to the heit group and his early attempts to distance himself from all this have failed. Who knows, maybe Soret will become a reactionary and find funding from the alt-right.

Soret himself reacted quite sharply to this criticism.

Clarification: it is true that activists have tried and are still trying to destroy us and to get the game canceled. Not just angry Twitter users or guys from ResetEra, but organized and influential activists inside AAA studios, game organizations and game design schools.

This definitely makes our situation more difficult, but this, to my knowledge, is not the cause of the problems. Everything is possible, but I think that there is no connection. In fact, the difficulties began a few months ago, and we still have not fully understood how and why this happened.

The developer assured the concerned players that he and his team from Odd Tales are not going to give up and will do everything so that The Last Night will reach the release. However, when to wait for him now is an open question.


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