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Streamer gathered at a charitable broadcast Fortnite 920 thousand dollars in 4.5 hours


The broadcast went within the framework of the GuardianCon marathon.

Every year, the GuardianCon organizers hold a week-long marathon of 4.5-hour charity broadcasts, and in 2019 the goal was to raise at least $ 3 million for a children’s hospital in Memphis.

By the time this note was written, the marathon was already over, and as a result, $ 3.7 million had been raised . The largest contribution to this result was made byDrLupo – 920 thousand dollars of the total amount fell on its stream.

On his broadcast, DrLupo played Fortnite and set certain goals for the audience — if the donate amount reached a certain point, then it performed a specific action. For example, I called to play my son.

At the end of a 4.5-hour broadcast, DrLupo began to receive donations from other streamers, like Ninja, and, as noted in Forbes, from state farm financial and insurance services.

The event itself GuardianCon in 2019 will be held July 5-6.


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