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Steam stops supporting new versions of Ubuntu due to lack of compatibility with 32-bit applications.


Gamers who prefer Ubuntu will soon have to look for another Linux distribution or another platform, since Valve will stop official support for future versions of Ubuntu on Steam.

Beginning with Ubuntu 19.10, packages for the 32-bit x86 architecture will no longer be formed. According to a Valve representative, the Steam development team seeks to “minimize the problem” for existing users, but is already considering options for switching to another distribution.

Terminating support for Ubuntu may create compatibility issues in the future. Even in the absence of breakdowns there is no guarantee that certain games will work as they should. In addition, it can lead to errors on other gaming platforms. For example, Canonical developer Alan Pope (Alan Pope) noted that he had a problem running the game from the GOG digital distribution service on a computer running Ubuntu 19.10 without 32-bit packages.

In the long run, the situation may change for the better, but not now. If the Ubuntu development team does not change the intended course, then Linux users will face problems in the work of gaming libraries, especially if they depend on Steam.

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