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Not That Eye: Samuel L. Jackson Was Outraged at the Mistake of Spiderman Poster


“What the hell is going on here ?!”

It seems that some promotional materials with Nick Fury for the film “Away from Home” were printed incorrectly – the image of the hero is mirrored on him, and he wears a bandage on his right eye instead of his left.

Not only netizens, but Samuel L. Jackson himself, who played the head of the Shch.I.T. secret organization, drew attention to this. The actor posted a photo of two posters in his instagram and did not hide his displeasure.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is this ***** HERE IS IN GENERAL COMING ?! # fly head # left eye ***** »

Why the poster was printed mirror is not clear, because there is no mistake on its original version.

“Spiderman: Away from Home” will be released on July 4th.


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