More risk and emphasis on the plot: than Gears 5 will be different from the previous parts of the series


Coalition studio head Rod Ferguson told Kotaku how some of the basic mechanics will change in the fifth numbered game series. We chose the most important material.

  • Ferguson admits that the studio did the fourth part, so as not to break anything – the developers did not deviate from the basic formula, fearing to scare the fans away. However, fans of the franchise criticized the game for lack of novelty, so now the developers decided to take risks.
  • The developers have so far refused to talk about the content of the campaign, but promise more diversity and choice – including thanks to the co-op for three.
  • The usual system of shelters will not go anywhere, but the melee will become more convenient. For example, the chainsaw attack was moved from the “B” button to the right upper shift – so that the player would be easier to turn the camera during the cruel finishing.
  • When shooting, more emphasis is placed on accurate hits in parts of the body: when the head is damaged, the scope will be red, and if it enters the body, it will be white. After a perfect recharge, giving “charged” shots, the sight will be golden.
  • For the first time in a series of opponents will appear strips of health. But this was done not for the introduction of RPG-elements, but for tactical depth – so that the player understands when he is about to finish off the enemy. The function will be disabled.
  • The game will have a level of difficulty “for beginners” – with it for the first time in the series on the controller there is an automatic finishing of the sight.
  • In the Gears of War 4 campaign there were many episodes where the “Horde” regime was actually turned on – the player had to fight off the waves of the enemies. Apparently, in the fifth part of this will not.
  • According to statistics, most players go through the Gears of War campaign alone, so developers take this shift into account.
  • In addition to the storyline in Gears 5 will be “Horde”, PvP and the new mode for three – “Escape.”
  • Developers make a big bet on “Escape”: there will be a level editor, as well as full leveling and modifiers for every taste. One match in this mode lasts 20-30 minutes, during which three players must leave the enemy base. The developers promise to add new maps for free after release.
  • Ferguson himself makes a big bet on history. Although he led the studio for 300 people, he regularly edited the script and took part in sessions with the actors.
  • The developers found cliffhänger at the end of the fourth part unsuccessful. Not all players understood the hint that Kate might be a descendant of the Locust queen. But precisely because of this turn, the girl became the main heroine of Gears 5.

Gears 5 will be released on Xbox One and PC on September 10th. Owners of extended editions and subscriptions Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it will open 4 days earlier.


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