DC Comics Vertigo publishing house closes in 2020 year


The company that released The Sandman comic series, Tales and The Preacher will be part of the DC Black Label brand.

The cover of the comic book “Preacher”

In 2020, DC Comics will begin reorganization, as a result of which the publisher will close its Vertigo, DC Zoom and DC Ink studios and imprints and will publish comics and graphic novels within the three brands.

  • DC Kids – comics for children aged 8-12 years
  • DC – comics for an audience aged 13 years and older; most of the superheroes in the DC universe will be released under this brand
  • DC Black Label – comics for persons over the age of 17 years

According to Jim Lee – co-publisher of DC Comics – the studio does not plan to cancel the release of the announced comics in connection with the reorganization.

Rebranding will not affect the work of the publisher. The Sandman Universe will continue in new books, the rest of the comics will also remain part of DC. Cancel the book we will not.

Vertigo Publisher was founded in 1993. Comic book series such as Tales, Y: The Last Man, Swamp Thing, The Sandman and The Preacher were produced under the company’s brand, by authors like Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore.

For 20 years — from education in 1993 to 2013 — Vertigo was headed by editor Karen Berger, who, following the news of the closure of the publishing house, tweeted that “risky creative work does not fit corporate thinking” and thanked all editors and authors, with which she collaborated in the studio.

Corporate thinking and risky creative work are not compatible. DC has long planned to close Vertigo. But hey, we once changed the rules of the game! It was a great honor for me to work with so many talented authors and editors, and, of course, thanks to all our amazing readers!


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