How to make a great portfolio: tips from the artist Marvel’s Spider-Man


General tips to help you better present yourself to the employer.

Benno Ryan, senior environment artist at Insomniac Games, in his thread on Twitter gave some advice on the preparation of its portfolio. Some of his ideas may seem obvious, but he singled out them as the main ones.
Here are a few of my brief tips for creating a portfolio: the work should answer the basic questions of the team on quality, tools, skill level; avoid examples that can be seen in many other portfolios; each piece should express you; add surprises; get pleasure from it. Let me explain …

Firstly, your entire portfolio should represent what you are capable of as an artist. This should impress and show that you know what your daily work is, and also understand and know how to apply technical skills. Portfolio should reflect the level of skill and talk about what level of quality you are able to work.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that your portfolio has fewer standard examples. Do not add a sci-fi corridor, analogues of which can be found in almost every portfolio. If you decide to do something similar, then make sure that the project has unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

Third, focus on creating scenes that seem unique and show you as an individual, and also show your way of thinking. Mastery is only half the battle. The other half is how you think. Therefore, what you choose to demonstrate in the portfolio, regardless of the level of quality, says a lot.

Fourth, demonstrate yourself as a person. Tell about topics or stories that interest you. Find ways to incorporate this into scenes that you do.

Fifth, think of your portfolio as a story. Do not forget that game developers entertain the audience. Again, mastery is not all.

Sixth, show you fun work. Add to the portfolio those things that you are really interesting. It is important to feel confident about the scenes and objects that you created. If you like making vehicles or weapons, go on.


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