Characters, city walks and battles: 20 screenshots of Final Fantasy VII remake


Frames taken from the cut-scenes, and directly from the gameplay.

In addition to the screenshots in Square Enix, they also gave a few details of the remake.

  • The developers paid special attention to the display of emotions on the faces of the characters to enhance the effect of immersion.
  • In the remake, more scenes are devoted to the relationships and relationships between the characters than in the original.
  • You can switch between characters in a battle by pressing a single button, as well as giving commands to companions.
  • In addition to recreated locations, the developers added to the remake those places that could not be explored in the original.

The first episode of the remake of Final Fantasy VII is scheduled for March 3, 2020. How many of them will be all, Square Enix has not yet reported.

Frames from scenes

Gameplay footage

Square Enix Ethics Committee ordered developers to “restrict” Tifa Lockhart’s chest in a remake of Final Fantasy VII 


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