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“Polish donkey” and “Potato Factory” – what are the joke names of gaming companies are popular in China


“Nicknames” have both a positive and a negative connotation.

The site Abacusnews told about the comic names that Chinese gamers gave to Western gaming studios and publishing houses. So CD Projekt RED got the nickname “The Durable Polish Donkey” (The Dumb Polish Donkey). “Nickname” has a positive meaning. It emphasizes the hard work and perseverance of the studio, which works tirelessly on the games and the DLC to them.

Ubisoft is called the Potato Factory (Potato Factory) due to the low speed of the company’s servers. In addition, the Ubisoft logo resembles potatoes.

Capcom got the rough name “Ca-bitch”. Chinese gamers believe that the Japanese company did not keep many of its promises. One of the main reasons for hatred was the release of Resident Evil 4 on different platforms, although initially the game was positioned as an exclusive GameCube. This console wasn’t imported into China, so Capcom’s move was most hated by gamers who bought it at an inflated price on the black market.

Nintendo in China is called Old Nin (“Old Nin”) – because the company remains a veteran in the video game market. The corporation has a reputation as an old friend.

Internet giant NetEase got the nickname “Pig Factory” (Pig Factory). In addition to gaming and technical departments, the company owns a pig breeding farm – NetEase founder Ding Lei is interested in agriculture. On the farm produce pork meat without GMOs worth $ 24 per kilogram. And one of the pigs of the factory was sold at auction for 23 thousand dollars.

Tencent is called the Penguin Factory (Penguin Factory) for its mascot, and BioWare is called GayWare for its image in games of representatives of LGBT communities.

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