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Co-founder of Rock Paper Shotgun called people pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077 idiots

He also believes that the game will be released at best next September.

In his chart Steam sales over the past week, the co-founder and journalist edition of Rock Paper Shotgun quite critical of those who already predzakazyvat long-awaited game from CD Projekt RED:

You are complete idiots.

This game will not be released next year *. It is not even nearly finished yet. And you paid money for it. WHAT FOR? WHAT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU?

There are no bonuses for pre-order! There is even no discount for it! You paid the full price for the game, which is still under development! WHAT FOR?

Buying a game before the release of the first reviews – idiocy. This is not a bunch of overexcited fools who are ready to part with 50 euros – there are so many people that Cyberpunk 2077 overtook sales on Steam games at a discount. A pile of people wasted money, without any gain.

Burn it all.

* No, I am not mistaken. I will eat my pants if the game comes out next April. At best, it will be released in September, and most likely it will happen in December.
John walker


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