“Picture” posters characters Borderlands 3 and panoramic art


Art is appreciated everywhere.

In his profile on ArtStation, artist Daniel Landerman shared a few of the Borderlands 3 arta created for the E3 game stand.

Personal posters of characters the project team wanted to do in the style of works by the Dutch artist Rembrandt. The developers put the characters in the right postures, then rendered it so that everything resembled a picture.

Daniel Landerman also showed the full version of the panoramic art , executed in the style of the frescoes of the Renaissance era. Now you can also see Mordekai, Brik, Moxy, Tina and other characters on it.

Unfortunately, the resolution of the art does not allow to see each fragment separately – only a general view.

Borderlands 3 will be released September 13.

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