How Fortnite paved the way for future mobile games from Wargaming

The new division of the company plans to create AAA-taytly for phones and adapt for them console and PC mechanics.

Recently, Wargaming has opened a new division of Wargaming Nexus, which intends to develop mobile games AAA-class – both independently and acting only as a publisher.

Portal talked with the director of Wargaming Nexus Mike Belton, and we chose the main thing from the material.

Mobile AAA

Wargaming used to have a mobile unit before, but Nexus will be engaged in games of a completely new level. Now the company plans to work with games on Unreal Engine 4 (Wargaming has been working with Epic Games since 2017), switching to other technologies in the future.

Nexus is very important cross-platform potential – as in Fortnite, in which players on different platforms can play with each other. This is exactly what the UE4 does well. The success of the royal battles on mobile devices as a whole inspires Nexus.

First we plan to cover the territory of multiplayer shooters, because They are now on the rise on mobile platforms. Although they are not as popular as on PCs and consoles […] Only a few games become as successful as PUBG or Fortnite.

Mike belton head of wargaming nexus

However, not only Fortnite and PUBG inspire Nexus. Belton says Nexus is currently exploring how to adapt popular PC game mechanics. The company is going to test whether they will work in mobile games as well as trending mobile mechanics. Unfortunately, the developer did not name specific examples.

Belton also said that Nexus is ready to experiment with genres and ideas and collaborate with new developers in creating prototypes.

Belton emphasizes that the game does not have to be on a military theme, but somehow all the games will use the service model, the foundations of which were laid back in World of Tanks. At the same time, the company understands that the current monetization models are not ideal – Nexus is looking for ways to circumvent possible problems associated with free-to-play.


Nexus has been working with dozens of studios from Eastern and Central Europe for half a year now – six prototypes of future games are ready.

Nexus continues to look for new partners, however Belton emphasizes that they do not seek to conveyor development. Instead, the company promises to focus on quality.

Nevertheless, Nexus does not want to take risks and will use the same models that already exist on the market – for example, entering a soft-touch in certain countries, etc.

Wargaming is particularly interested in the mobile market, because 2018 was the World of Tanks Blitz best since launch in 2014. And now Nexus plans to release flagship mobile games from Wargaming.

We can not ignore the fact that the mobile market continues to gain momentum and has already overtaken the markets of consoles and PCs. We already have a significant foothold in the market, thanks to our mobile-oriented studios and investment from Wargaming. However, with Nexus, we can achieve new heights.

Mike belton head of wargaming nexus

Belton believes: there is always the opportunity to push the boundaries of the game and create its own market for it. The goal of Nexus is to create innovative gameplay that will successfully take root on mobile platforms.


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