DOOM Eternal developers explain the catchy interface and weapons soaring above the ground

The creators of the shooter assured that this is for the good of the players.


As part of the already concluded E3 2019, journalists were allowed to publish the gameplay from the new DOOM Eternal demo, and then the players noticed that the interface from the previous show of the game at QuakeCon 2018 has changed a lot.

All interface elements became brighter and more colorful, as well as armor with cartridges lying on the ground.

Updated interface with E3 2019

Interface with QuakeCon 2018

Some players found this interface too catchy and not suitable for DOOM in the atmosphere. As a result, developers from id Software explained their decision in a conversation with VG247.

When you play, everything moves at a speed of about 200 miles per hour. We throw so many things into the character’s face, and here you are in this situation, when the race is on, and you are racing at a tremendous speed. All the information on the dashboard should be big and catchy, otherwise you will get the hell out of it.

The color of the wheel of the items is made so that you know in a millisecond what cartridges you have and how many of them. Objects on earth are also catchy, because without them you can not survive. The interface was designed to be bright so that you would not die of not knowing how much resources you have.

Hugo Martin

Art Director

Players occasionally missed weapons in DOOM 2016, thereby losing some of the content, and so in Eternal all the guns will hover above the ground and glow.

We are creating a game, not an immersive cinematic experience. And this is what DOOM needs. There are other games where the immersion effect is important, but I believe that this is a matter of functionality, so that everything is bright and catchy, like soaring guns. Because in this way we can convey information to someone moving at a speed of 200 miles per hour.

Marty Stratton

executive producer

Fallout is one of my favorite games. With her pace of gameplay, I can rummage around in the room and stumble upon some thing lying on the table that you can easily skip. Because there it sets the whole tone of the game

Hugo Martin

Art Director

Another game design solution at DOOM Eternal is third-person cut scenes. In the 2016 shooter, the player always watched what was happening through the eyes of Dumgai, and the authors considered that this did not always work as it should.

Therefore, scenes will appear in Eternal where the player can see the overall plan of the scene and the character’s actions from the side.

DOOM Eternal will be released on November 22.


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