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Kojima explained why his name is so often repeated in his games.


About what is “A Hideo Kojima Game” – first hand.

The creator of Death Stranding and the Metal Gear series shalred their thoughts on the design of gaming studios on his twitter, recalling the times when only a few people were responsible for all aspects of production.

Thirty-three years ago, the average development team in our industry consisted of only five or six people.

They invented ideas and concepts, wrote the script, drew maps on paper in a cell, manually entered all the data, created a simplified language, compressed binary images, gave instructions, and even wrote the text of the user’s manual. I had to do management, production and promotion.

Hideo Koji magame designer

Kojima noted that even with time, his approach to work, in fact, has not changed. He somehow had a hand in creating the game at each of the stages – apparently, this is why the developer “signs” his games.

Even when the team increased greatly, and different tasks began to be transferred to different departments, my approach to creating games did not change – we work as an indie studio.

I personally take part in the development, from beginning to end. This means the game of Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Koji magame designer

He later clarified what Kojima Productions is responsible for.

I invent the themes of the games, set the atmosphere of the world, create a plot, characters and do game design. At the same time, I compose graphics, collect the necessary information, look for suitable locations for locations, constantly experimenting, writing the script, casting and sound design, as well as daily offering my own ideas, correcting the development process and solving difficulties, installing trailers and doing art.

All this is my responsibility.

Hideo Koji magame designer

Release Death Stranding on PS4 will be held November 8, 2019.


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