Epic Games and the creators of Shenmue 3 have promised to “justify the trust” of players


It seems that we are talking about the exclusivity of the PC version of the game.

A short appeal from Ys Net, Epic Games and Deep Silver was posted on the Shenmue 3 page on Kickstarter. It does not say what exactly the developers and their partners are going to undertake, but the players were asked to “have patience.”

We want to make sure that all the backers know that we hear their anxiety.

We urge all our fans to have patience. We are currently demonstrating the game at E3 and must return to our offices to assess the situation and together find a way to justify the trust you have shown us.from the statement of Ys Net, Epic Games and Deep Silver

Apparently, the statement concerns the situation with the exclusivity of the PC version of the game. During E3 2019, it became known that it will be released only on the Epic Games Store, although Shenmue 3 already had a Steam page.

The developers are not the first to comment on what is happening – before that, Ys Net said that they did not plan to return funds to the backers after the “move” of the game to EGS.

The creators of Shenmue 3 will not return the money to Kickstarter users who demanded a refund after switching to EGS 


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