Destiny 2 developers have confirmed that there will be no cross-ply between PC and Google Stadia


But the preservation will be common on all platforms.

Bungie clarified what exactly changes in the shooter after his transition to the shareware model. In particular, about what kind of content will be available in New Light and how the cross-platform save feature will work.

  • The “base” version of Destiny 2: New Light will include all locations and playlists from “Denied”, as well as separate content from the “annual pass”.
  • Access to the “Denied” storyline campaign, as well as exotic quests, raids and second-year dungeons, will remain only with DLC buyers.
  • The purchase of add-ons is assigned to one platform. Although progress and saving will be the same for all accounts, users will not be able to play purchased for PS4 DLC on PC, Xbox One or Stadia.
  • To use cross-platform saving, players only need to attach several accounts and select the main one.
  • There will be no cross over in Destiny 2 yet. All platforms, including Stadia, will have their own ecosystem and matchmaking.
  • Details about the “move” from Battle.Net to Steam will be announced closer to September. How to link accounts, the developers will tell you later, but you can preddavat addition Shadowkeep in the store Valve in advance.

Shadowkeep will be released on September 17th.

Destiny 2 will be shareware and “move” to Steam 


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