Customization, social functions and abilities Mose: recording from a closed presentation Borderlands 3


2K and Gearbox, it seems, are not going to remove the movie.

The presentation lasted only a little more than 12 minutes, however, during this time, the developers at Gearbox managed to show the audience the social functions of Borderlands 3, customization and abilities of one of the characters, Mose.

The game will have a local co-op, but only up to two players, while traditionally there will be up to four on the network. Moreover, players will be able to invite friends into the session without going to the main menu through a new feature that allows you to go to a fight together with a special type of opponent. Such enemies have a 20% chance of appearing and are marked with a separate quest upon meeting.

The function of the exchange of objects also expanded – you can send equipment to other players even when they are not online. In addition to this, if someone from the list of friends of one player has sold a weapon, it may appear in the store during his session, and he will see who exactly got rid of the gun.

Customization in the third part traditionally includes different heads for the characters, as well as a coloring for clothes, which this time can be edited by choosing three primary colors.

You can customize the appearance of the weapon with the help of skins that drop out as loot. They can be applied to any gun, also hanging a key chain on it. One of them is in the shape of the Gearbox logo.

The abilities of Mose, one of the four new hunters, are mainly focused on her furs. For example, she can equip a rocket launcher in one of his hands, and a grenade launcher in the other. There are among the options and flamethrower.

Earlier, Gearbox has already shown 10 minutes of gameplay for Mouz, and now of the four newcomers among the hunters, only one is not demonstrated – the FL4K robot. He will probably be shown closer to Gamescom in August.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, and analysts from NPD are already predicting that it will become one of the best-selling games in 2019.


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