The distribution of Enter the Gungeon has begun in Epic Games Store


Enter the Gungeon – Bullets, Guns, PunsEnter the Gungeon is an adventure in the dungeon of the bullet hell genre about a group of losers … WWW.EPICGAMES.COM

Enter The Gungeon – a game in the genre of rogue-like, which tells about the adventurers trying to get a gun that kills the past in the fortress Oruzhelya. The game has 12 locations with bosses, as well as a large arsenal of weapons, which includes both rockets and lasers, as well as bees, foam darts and a rainbow.

The next free game in the Epic Games Store will be the space simulator Rebel Galaxy. At E3 2019, Epic Games also announced that the weekly distribution of games in EGS will last until the end of 2019.


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