Square Enix plans to launch its own subscription service


The publisher expects to digitally release all of their games, but acknowledges that some of the codes for the titles have been lost.

As said Yosuke Matsuda – the head of Square Enix – Game companies have already come in several podpisochnyh services, including Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, the publisher is now pondering over whether to continue publishing its own titles in third-party directories or launching its own subscription – and is leaning towards the second option.

We explore both possibilities, since we are already cooperating, for example, with Microsoft, and add games to the Game Pass. However, our ultimate goal is still launching our own subscription service.

Yosuke Matsuda head of square enix

The Head of Square Enix, in a conversation with Game Informer, also stressed that the company is seeking to digitize all its games, starting with NES titles and other classic consoles. However, the publisher cannot detect the source codes of some games.

Yosuke Matsuda said that the code for one of the games remained only on the computer of an employee who left the company — whom he managed to find and then restore data from his PC.

It is a shame to talk about it, but in some cases we do not know where the source codes of the games have gone. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, because when we developed them, they did not think that these data would be needed again many years later.

Players sometimes ask: “Why have you not released this game yet?”. The answer is that we do not know where she went.

Yosuke Matsuda head of square enix

Square Enix did not announce plans to create a subscription service at E3 2019, but other publishers presented their own platforms: Ubisoft announced the Uplay + service, and Microsoft the Game Pass for PC and the total Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Microsoft launched Game Pass on PC – Metro Exodus and Gears 5 will be included in its catalog


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