Study: Fortnite is more popular than Facebook in children 10-12 years old


Shooter has become for them an analogue of the social network.

According to a study by the National Research Group (NRG), which studies the entertainment market, Fotnite forces people to abandon traditional social networks. For example, 53% of children aged 10-12 years regularly play the “royal battle” from Epic Games, while less than 40% of them are active Facebook users.

Moreover, they launch Fortnite more often than any other application – even YouTube, Netflix and Twitch. According to a study, when a person starts playing a shooter from Epic Games, he starts spending 21% of his free time in it – more than on any other media.

Analysts are sure that Fortnite has become a full-fledged social platform, as it gives people room for self-expression and gathers around them people who are not interested in competitive games. Another confirmation of this is the DJ Marshmello concert, which took place in Fortnite on February 2 and was watched by more than 10 million players.

Epic Games itself also looks towards social networks. So, the company acquired thedevelopers of video chat Houseparty. The latter have said before that many Fortnite players use their application during the game.

In two years since launch, Epic Games shooter has gathered around a user base of 250 million active players. 82% of them are under 35 years old. Fortnite’s annual revenue is 2.4 billion dollars.


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