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Phil Spencer: Microsoft does not seek to sell as many consoles as possible


The head of the Xbox is confident that in the coming years, streaming games will not be able to replace home devices.

The Verge interviewed Phil Spencer in which the head of the Xbox commented on the decision to release the next generation console – Project Scarlett – two years after the release of Xbox One X.

According to Spencer, Microsoft does not seek to sell as many devices as possible, but focuses on the demands of the audience and provides the ability to run games on different consoles using the Game Pass subscription service.

I do not need to sell any particular console model to complete our business tasks. The meaning of our business is not how many consoles we sold. The main thing is how many people play the games they have purchased and how they play.

I don’t need to convince people that they have to buy an Xbox One S if they like to play the original Xbox One. I don’t need to insist on buying an Xbox One X. If people want to play on the Xbox One, they can do it – and on a par with everyone else, for example, use the Game Pass.

Phil Spencer head of xbox

In a comment to another publication, CNET, Phil Spencer also stated that he did not consider the upcoming Project Scarlett as the last console Microsoft will release.

The head of the Xbox noted that the “death of consoles” has been talked about for a long time, but even with the development of streaming in the coming years, home devices will still be needed to run video games.

I have been working for a long time and have repeatedly heard statements in the spirit of “this generation of consoles is the last.” However, even now, in the era of streaming and technologies like xCloud, the number of devices we use does not decrease, but on the contrary grows.

There are different opinions, but the point is that in the coming years, home devices will remain the best way to play video games.

Phil Spencer head of xbox


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